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President Obama to send Broadband, Cybersecurity Bills to Congress

With the State of the Union address coming up in less than a week, the Obama Administration is stepping up its efforts in trying to drum up support for its newest proposals.

In a video posted to the White House YouTube account Tuesday, President Obama announced his intent to seek congressional funding for a national expansion of broadband Internet (the video is embedded below).

The president is also planning to speak on the issue at a speech in Cedar Hills, Iowa on Wednesday afternoon. According to Bloomberg, President Obama will call on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ease up on restrictions that prevent some towns and cities across the country from providing high-speed Internet to local businesses and residents.

Keeping with the Internet theme, the White House also said it plans to ask Congress to consider legislation that the administration says will help strengthen the country’s cybersecurity. According to The Hill, the main component of the proposal would allow private companies to send information on cyber threats to Homeland Security.

The Hill also reports the administration will send other legislation to Congress “that would create federal standards for data breach notifications, enhance student data protection and strengthen penalties for various difficult-to-prosecute cyber crimes.”

As the article from the The Hill mentions, bills regarding cybersecurity and the sharing of information with government agencies has often failed in the past due to concerns over government interference in the privacy of American citizens.


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