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Cruz announces presidential bid

The Grand Old Party has a brand new presidential candidate.

After reports surfaced late Sunday night that he would enter the race, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) officially launched his presidential campaign at a rally Monday morning in Virginia (the video of his speech can be seen above).

In his address, Sen. Cruz made an impassioned case for his mission aimed directly at the most conservative voters and members of the Republican party. The one-term senator said a potential Cruz administration, among other things, would seek a repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the elimination of the IRS. Sen. Cruz also made his case that citizens need “to reclaim the Constitution of the United States” and encouraged conservative voters to “[rise] up and re-ignite the promise of America.”

(Photo by Getty Images)
(Photo by Getty Images)

In a nod to the conservative Christian/Evangelical sects of the party, Sen. Cruz also alluded to his desire to see pro-abortion and gay marriage laws scaled back. Cruz called for a defense of “the sanctity of human life and…the sanctity of marriage.” In the past, the senator has supported the Defense of Marriage Act and believes states should have the power to regulate if they want to allow abortions and to what extent.

The Texas senator has generated much controversy and anger from those on the left and even in his own party for his hardline conservative positions. Some on Capitol Hill have yet to forgive Sen. Cruz for his role in bring about a shutdown of the federal government two years ago, in which Cruz and other freshman Republican senators refused to fund the government without the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

(Editorial Note: THAB [yes, trying out this abbreviation of “To Hill and Back” for a bit] was actually in the middle of writing a piece on a potential Cruz campaign for the “Race to 45” series on presidential candidates. So expect that article, which will be more in-depth, on Sen. Cruz and other potential candidates in the coming days/weeks. Stay tuned.)


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