While We’re Here

A cautionary tale from a fallen empire.

We don’t have much time on this earth.

So I believe we should make it as good and as worry free a stay as we can make it for every man, woman, and child. Straight, gay, bisexual, or pansexual. Transgender or not. Poor, wealthy, middle income. Working at a factory, in a skyscraper, or in a hospital. It makes no sense to let people struggle on their own when we can give them the ability to help themselves now. If we can allow people to live with just one less worry in their lives, then that is one step closer to freedom.

Giving the elderly of all shades of color a choice between buying medicine or food or paying rent is not freedom. Sure, they are technically free to make a choice. But what kind of choices are they? They are not really free. A recent college graduate who needs to work two jobs to pay for their student loans, car, rent, food, phone, clothes, and insurance while also needing financial assistance from their family is not experiencing freedom. Sure, they can choose not to educate themselves, or attempt to build a life for themselves. It’s a choice….but what kind of choice is it? They are really not free. What we have now is the illusion of freedom. Upon inspection, however, it reveals itself for what it really is- fancy words and aesthetics with no substance behind it. We can do better.

My vision of America is a vision where all people have rights. The right to guns. The right to health insurance and to go bankrupt when you get sick. The right to vote. The right to education. The right to love. The right to protest. The right to worship. The right to protect ourselves. The right to unionize. The right of workers to have fair wages. The right to live.

Government is a public service, and government officials only exist to serve the citizens who put them there. The sooner more presidents, senators, congresspeople, mayors, governors, and selectmen realize that and commit that fact to memory, the better off we all are. Imagine a world in which men and women who work at a job that puts them at risk for serious diseases are in no danger of losing their health insurance, and neither are their families. Or someone who has a pre-existing condition is covered and doesn’t need to go through their entire life savings in an effort to stay alive. This is about remaining on earth for as long as we possibly can and enjoying what the world has to offer with as little stress or life-consuming worries as possible.

While we’re here, we need to care. While we’re here, we need to be Good Samaritans. While we’re here, we need to truly feel compassion and empathy towards our fellow humans, not so we can feel good about ourselves when we look in the mirror, but so that others can have a mirror inside a home to look into. While we’re here, we need to heal each other and lift each other up in order to build a more perfect union. While we’re here, we can acknowledge our differences in an effort to make life better not for just one group of people, but for all groups of people. For when the winds of change blow, all the leaves on the tree blow together, not just the ones at the top, on the bottom, or to the side.

We need to do this while we are here….because it doesn’t last forever.


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